This range of Essences has been especially formulated to answer the needs of Children and with Clear Light they restore Balance and Harmony, ensuring that the child’s growth and development is supported. As our Children grow in our technological World, they have access to all kinds of information that will enhance their journey. These Essences will help Children encapsulate and adjust to what is required. The Children Essences allow them to breathe gently along their pathways with confidence and enjoyment. They help Children to embrace fully their true potential and to rise to their challenges with greater ease and grace. Each formulation is resonant with the future of our World, and our Children will be here to grow with it. The Essences help our Children in every way to be discerning about their Lives and with the directions they take, harmonising and balancing each step. The Essences gently harmonise Children in a positive way and enable the parents to feel the benefits as well. The Children Essences can also be taken by adults who wish to nurture and heal their inner child.