This article has been published in Knowlative Blog on the 29 of July, 2016.

The world of precision muscle testing (Applied and Specialized Kinesiology) is complex and fragmented. With dozens of major and minor branches and schools, the access to the latest techniques and improved procedures is quite difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, the lack of a common language among different schools makes the sharing of knowledge between co-workers very difficult. This disjunction among different kinesiology practitioners makes the creation of useful statistical data impossible. Knowlative is the solution!
Until the birth of Knowlative, we used for our practice and our knowledge sharing a competitive method. While teaching our patients to let go of competition and contest in their life, we still continued to protect all our knowledge to our peers, to keep hidden all new information on techniques and tips to compete with our peers and co-workers. That is a profound inconsistency in our belief system.
We cannot really promote a change in people seeking advice from us if we continue to represent what we want to change. For this reason, in Knowlative we share the knowledge and we share the revenues and all the improvements of the community are for everyone.

The present disjunction among different kinesiology practitioners and schools with the use of different names and terms sometimes even to describe the same technique makes the creation of useful statistical data impossible. Every one of us tries to understand if its practice is effective watching the reactions of his patients. This is useful to understand the general effects of what we do in our work, but it is a highly ineffective solution to find any scientific evidence of our outcomes. This is frustrating when you decide to use or not a new technique without knowing its efficacy and it is also a big obstacle to the wide diffusion of manual muscle testing because it is impossible to write a scientific paper without a consistent data set. With its database of patient’s anonymized data, Knowlative is the solution to bring strong scientific evidence to our work.

And there is more: these difficulties are present also in other different areas of the healthcare system. Even in hospitals, the sharing of knowledge and advantages is not fully applied. In the long run, this system is not sustainable anymore. Here in Knowlative we believe that cooperative health is the future for a worldwide sustainable health system. Knowlative wants to become an example of how cooperation can be an improvement for everyone.