DISCLAIMER: Complementary and Integrative Medicine does NOT cure Coronavirus infections! We want to help people to avoid the infection and to recover quickly.

Knowlative wants to bring together knowledge from the Muscle Response Testing Community and Complementary Therapies in order to respond to the current Covid-19 pandemic. We want to pool knowledge that will prevent disease and aid those infected.

Today (March 11th 2020) the WHO declared the outbreak of COVID-19 officially “pandemic” (also known as SARS-Covid-2). This new virus is spreading all over the World and, although the majority of infected people have quite mild symptoms similar to flu and others are asymptomatic, it can cause severe respiratory distress in 10-15 % of cases, requiring mechanical ventilation or intensive care. Older adults with cardiac or respiratory problems, diabetes, hypertension and other underlying conditions are the highest risk group, being most affected.

There is currently no specific cure available, and no vaccine.

  • To prevent the number of people with severe respiratory symptoms to exceed the number of intensive care places the only effective way (at the present day) is to slow down the spreading of the infection.
  • To prevent the collapse of health care systems for all, we must avoid increased cases of Covid-19 patients requiring hospitalisation.
  • We must act as a society and think beyond our individual situation.
  • To try and prevent infection we need to boost our immune system, wash our hands regularly and avoid contact with possible cases.

The Muscle Response Testers and natural/integrative healing community is scattered around the World and it is not always easy to access key information easily.

At Knowlative we decided to create this “Covid-19” group and leave all its contents (present and future) in the FREE access area to create an accessible “place” where we can exchange all useful info to prepare our communities for COVID-19 and to help our clients and patients in the best possible way. Collaboration and sharing of information from zones already affected to zones that are preparing for the outbreak is, in our opinion, the key to protect our elders and other vulnerable individuals.

Share what you know here. You can share even if you are not a PRO member! We are not requesting you to pay to upload you contents here: just send them to info@knowlative.com and we will upload them for you giving the credit to you. We want to know:

  • What you are advising in terms of supplements? Diet? Exercise?
  • What are the scientific references available that are relevant to our work?
  • Have you already got good results from using certain techniques? If so, what did you do? What are the results?
  • How about affirmations? And sending positive messages?

We are already working on useful documents and will continue to upload them in the next weeks. Help us to help as many people as possible! Spread the message and invite others to gather. We will also encourage open discussion among peers on this subject in the Facebook Group Muscle Response Test Community.