Marco Rado is now in Northern Italy in the red zone, I (Ludovico Feletto), before moving to Tenerife, had been working in hospitals there for years and, even if I am not there now, I have a lot of friends fighting this battle in the hospitals.

For this reason, unluckily (or luckily, if we share and help others) we are already seeing and living what in the next weeks will likely happen in other Countries.

What I am seeing is that basically every Country, to protect economy and politics, is delaying restrictive measures. Viral infections spread exponentially… chances are that, when in your communities’ authorities are aware of the real entity of the problem, it will be quite late to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths.

I know that to the majority of you my reaction can seem exaggerated… but I thought the same 2 weeks ago while I was still in Italy… and I am seeing the same reactions here in Tenerife now (Numbers here are the same as what we had in Northern Italy 14 days ago).

We must not be scared… but we must act now!

Boosting our immune systems and stopping the spread of the infection is what we need to do, and everything will end well.

The first advice is: Invite everyone to stay at home and avoid unnecessary contacts.