The extrinsic laryngeal muscles support and position the larynx within the mid-cervical region. They are divided in:

  • Inferior Hyoid Muscles:
    • Sternothyroid muscles depress the larynx.
    • Omohyoid muscles depress the larynx.
    • Sternohyoid muscles depress the larynx.
    • Thyrohyoid muscles elevates the larynx. (it is a hyoid depressor)
  • Superior Hyoid Muscles:
    • Digastric elevates the larynx.
    • Stylohyoid elevates the larynx.
    • Mylohyoid elevates the larynx.
    • Geniohyoid elevates the larynx.

There are other muscles involved in supporting and moving the Larynx that are not Hyoid muscles:

  • Extrinsic muscles of the tongue (see also Extrinsic Tongue Muscles):
    • Hyoglossus elevates the larynx.
    • Genioglossus elevates the larynx
  • Pharynx muscle (See also Muscles of the Pharynx):
    • Inferior Constrictor of the Pharynx muscles of pharynx support the larynx.