These have the title of Fields of Light Master Rose Essences because they have a higher grade of Light. They resonate at a higher frequency than the normal Rose Essences and their energy travels through the system at Light speed. Their spiral energetic patterning works from the inside out, changing the field of others as your vibrations are raised. They are compatible with everyone and work with Forgiveness, how to word yourself and tune into the correct moment of Forgiveness and Acceptance. Roses are Heart energy – they open and bloom like the Heart’s development through Life and each individual petal contains so much Light, that they infuse, ignite and refresh where wounds need to be forgiven, soreness relieved and anger dispelled. They are a melody of celestial tones and their overtones of Pureness have a format that is gentle and freeing. They release each party from the emotions that were previously locked tight. It is through Forgiveness that we allow release to happen, so our lives can be rebuilt with Love and Friendship. The Fields of Light Master Rose Essences are perfect for the Heart, their softness and subtlety sing with the Heart’s energy. Development and sunshine in our Hearts are important on every level and a ‘Change of Heart’ is so important for everyone. Forgiveness in the right order is one of the best traits you can have and Forgiveness, is the answer to all problems. We are at one with the Rose.