Francesca Simeón (1951) wife of Juan Carlos Monge for 33 years, kinesiologist, psychologist and acupuncturist, since the 90s, traditional chinese medicine 1988, Homeopathy 1989, Senior Faculty of PKP 1994, faculty of three in one concepts 1999-2009, Professional Kinesiologist IKC 2009, among other formations. Speaker in the congresses of: Barcelona – Spain (1998), Zurich – Switzerland (1999), Gargnano – Italy (2009), Keskecmet – Hungary (2011), Kyoto – Japan Austria (2013), St. Petersburg (2013), Moscow (2013), Puerto Rico (2014), Irkutsk (2014).

Both worked together in a project of training kinesiology and energetic therapies and founded the center Vidakinesiologia in Barcelona. Under this project;

– They wrote the books: “The Essence of Essences” (1999,) “The I Ching of Behavior” (1999), Applied physiognomy. (2015), update the manuals and workbooks of TFH in Spanish, translation and adaptation of several books including TFH, Brain Gym, Energetic Kinesiology…

– Created the training of psychoenergetic kinesiology (PEI-RPI) and taught courses in Russia, Siberia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hungary, Argentina, Japan.

– Organizers of the two International Congresses of Kinesiology in Spain 1998 IASK – 2012 IKC.

– They were a key piece in the promotion of kinesiology in Spain.