Kinesiology Grant Projects


Knowlative Kinesiology Grant Project  

One of the goals of Knowlative is to make more information available to everyone. This includes the ability to find techniques and theory at the click of a button, but it also means expanding our knowledge, helping kinesiology make its way to people all over the world and supporting research that proves its efficacy. This is why we are thrilled to be starting this Grants Project in conjunction with IASK.

Associations may set their own criteria for grants, deciding how to allocate the funds and what the application process looks like. Knowlative provides a community platform where people can see all of the options available. It is our hope that access to funding will help facilitate better research and humanitarian efforts as we know the impact that these tools can have on the lives of those in distress.

This is a program the we imagine will grow and expand over time.
Through this program we hope to:

support education in muscle testing

create relief programs from natural disasters

fund research proving the effectiveness of specific techniques

We understand that this might be exactly what someone needs in order to make an impact in the world!

The Grant project was created in collaboration with IASK and IASK decided to offer the first grant. You can find detailed information here.

Available Grants

IASK Grant 2021-2022

Issued by: IASK 

Prize: up to 3000 Euro, depending on projects

Subject: research, education, humanitarian.

Language: English 

Deadline application: April 15th 2022

Winners announcement: August 2022

This is the first edition of IASK grant. 

IASK is an organization dedicated to creating connection and vitality in the kinesiology world. In order to do this, we are offering an opportunity for IASK members to apply for grants that can help move the work forward. For 2021-2022 edition we have a total of 3,000 euros to offer in the form of grants. These are available for three different types of projects: research, education and humanitarian.

The attached application form is meant to be a basic guideline. Awarding of grants will happen by a vote of IASK members. Therefore, we encourage applicants to add information to the application that will make it compelling for voters – pictures, videos, testimonials, website, etc.

Applications and reports must be submitted in English. Those not fluent in English are welcome to use more visuals to help convey the message clearly.

Please submit your application to We will gather them and send them to IASK Board.

Applications must be received by April 15, 2022. Applications will be reviewed by the committee. If an application is incomplete or not in alignment with IASK’s values, applicants may be asked to make changes or the application may be rejected. Accepted applications will all be open to IASK members to view online in July with winners to be chosen and announced at the 2022 AGM in August.