If one counts the number of unique Acupuncture Points (Acupoints) on each meridian, the total comes to 361, which matches the number of days in a year, in the moon calendar system. This mnemonic method ignores the facts that:

  • the bulk of acupoints are bilateral, making the actual total 670,
  • there are many Acupoints that are not in a Meridian pathway: the Extra Acupoints.

In acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, as well as in Muscle Response Testing (MRT), some acupoints are widely used while others are seldom considered because they have a lesser effect and importance in human physiology. This section of the [[AcupointsandMeridiansAtlas]] gathers all “functional” groups of specific acupoints that have a similar action. In each subgroup you can find a description of the main features and the link to Acupoints. There are many important Groups of acupoints. Some of them are widely used in Muscle Response Testing (MRT), like Alarm Points – Anterior-Mu Points, others are not (yet) known and seldom used (e.g. Luo-Connecting Points) but can be effectively tested to gather many useful pieces of information from our bodies. If you are not familiar with Chinese Medicine please read first Basic Chinese Medicine and all related knowledge.