This article has been published in Knowlative Blog the 21st of September, 2018.
Yesterday it was the 1st Birthday of Knowlative s.l. 

Many things have changed in this great year. We have advanced a lot in our roadmap but this toddler is just beginning to walk some steps alone and still needs support to grow.

We started this project a few years ago. At the beginning it was just a vivid dream: we saw a World where collaboration is the standard way of interacting with others, where Kinesiology is a normal tool used to improve people’s health and lives and where there is abundance of resources, clients and health for everyone (

After a quite long gestation full of brainstorming, planning, fearing, dreaming,… on September 20th 2017 Knowlative s.l. was born.  
The biggest achievement of this year was starting to talk the same language. We did not notice this at the beginning but IT, Marketing, PM and Kinesiologists does not attribute the same meaning to words… and this caused some troubles.  The first step to collaboration is to share the same language inside the team… and inside Kinesiology.
In April, during KF and IASK conference in Oxford, we put online the first release of Knowlative app. With some updates, a fully operational App is now online with a lot of technical contents and the possibility for everyone to contribute to a common shared core of technical information: the first step to collaboration!
While every member of Knowlative team is working to make the big picture real as fast as possible, we all are starting to enjoy the shared knowledge inside Knowlative app and all the new possibilities to upgrade our practice in a nice and fast way.
In this occasion we have renewed our website, do you like it?
Happy Birthday Knowlative!!