This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 1st of October, 2018.

I am hungry for useful knowledge. It does not really matter who invented what: if it is useful knowledge, I want it in my kinesiology practice. I want theory that is solid and that includes all the most recent research and ideas; I want a model through which I can interpret the reality and get to the core of the issues at hand; I want techniques that can help me solve my clients’ problems in a more efficient way.
I searched in the kinesiology world and what I found was often disappointing. The same technique called different names; different schools that make me start over again because different systems do not complement each other; the exact same concept referred to in many different ways; and good improvements that cannot be made public because of secrecy and competition. It is messy and challenging (and a waste of resources): I want the knowledge, but it is often impossible to know if a course or a technique is really what it looks like from the outside.
When I began sharing these ideas in the kinesiology world, I just discovered I am not alone. Many people in kinesiology feel the same way: they want knowledge; they want integration; they want cooperation. They are ready to put their resources together so that scientific studies in kinesiology might become possible and bring this awesome methodology a step closer to the mainstream.
I started to breathe deeply again: if so many people really want the change, a real change is possible!
From anger and disappointment to belief… It is a very nice feeling! Now the challenge: how can I really make the difference to bring change closer? The answer came very easily: Knowlative is the answer.
A single system where knowledge is at my fingertips. A system where I can add my information and watch it spread in the kinesiology community. A system that is going to link me with my peers in many different ways.
Real change is possible. What are you waiting for?