his article has been published in the June 2019 Knowlative Newsletter, the 6th of June 2019.

Chakras, auras and flower essences
A Kinesiologists take on the use of flower essences….
We asked Terry Larder, a kinesiologist with more than 30 years’ experience, with her own practice and teacher of postgraduate training for kinesiologists and healthcare practitioners based in the UK, to give us her opinion on this subject…..   On my return from Sweden, where I was trained in the field of balancing chakras, I started to follow the protocols I had been taught to align the chakras so that they worked together and functioned properly.  Despite still being a little unconvinced I faithfully followed the protocols. The following weeks revealed that working with the chakras cleared emotional blockages (e.g. A man in turmoil as to whether he should retire or not, came back and told me that the next day after his session he gave his notice in).  I was also amazed that working on the chakras had such a profound effect on back and shoulder pain. Dr. Sheldon Deal always said that balancing chakras resolved 90% of hypertonic (over-facilitated) muscles.  So, I’m hooked and have been teaching about chakra protocols for the past 10 years.   Chakras are said to be the transformers that convert the energy in our subtle bodies into our physical bodies and subsequently each cell and vice versa.  

Subtle Bodies (Aura)

You can’t really believe in chakras without understanding that we all have an aura or energy field. It is thought to be made up of dark matter (Alfred, 2005), the same stuff that is around our universe. It’s not really measurable but some people say they can see it.  Ancient texts talk about this field being split into 4 or 6 fields that merge into one another.  These are Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, which in some texts are split into 3 labeled as Buddhic, Atmic, and Monadic. The aura can be likened to the negative of a photograph. The photograph compares to the physical body. If there is a fault or blemish in the negative, then any photograph processed from the faulty negative will also have the faults and blemishes too. So, many would say that disease or ill health starts in the aura before it is ever engraved into the physical body.   That being said, if we as kinesiologists can work with the subtle bodies, as well as current health issues, who knows what we are helping to prevent?   So, how can we work with the subtle bodies? Well, there are modes for accessing and working in each of them and I will be putting these on Knowlative after the IASK conference in Russia in July as I will be presenting the subject there. However, I do use another way of addressing subtle body imbalances.  

Flower Essences and Gem Essences

These powerful little vibrational remedies can access even the spiritual body.  I’ve used many in my time, initially working with Dr. Bach’s remedies and subsequently Bush Flower Essences, Gem Essences, Californian Essences, etc. For many years now I have been using the powerful Phytobiophysics remedies (www.phytob.com), sugar pills that contain the essence of many flowers that fall into different frequency categories. I love these 20 little remedies.   I will offer the body flower and gem essences when the correction for an emotional imbalance is needed and confirm that by checking that the Flower Remedy Mode is positive (See the Knowlative database of finger modes). I also use them when addressing any subtle body issues where the nutritional/biochemical mode shows in these realms as clearly physical remedies, such as herbs and vitamins, would not be appropriate. Vibrational remedies such as flower remedies and homeopathy are the type of ‘foods’ needed to correct a problem in our vibrational field. ‘Feeding’ the aura – the ‘negative of the photograph’ – can then have a profound effect on the ability for the physical body, ‘the print’, to heal.     For more information:

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