Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., is the founder of Health Kinesiology (HK). He received his degree in Physiological Psychology from the University of North Carolina. He spent several years at the National Institute of Mental Health before joining the University of California School of Medicine, first in Davis and then in San Francisco. He published over 30 research papers in traditional scientific and medical journals.

Discovering that academic life was inadequate for him, he began intensive work in alternatives.

His development of HK began in 1978 and continues to this day. HK is now an international movement with thousands of students and practitioners worldwide. Dr. Scott has been explicitly developing the HK energy model since 1982.

He is the author of Cure Your Own Allergies In Minutes that was first published by Dr.Scott in 1988. Since this time the book has been published in four different languages; English, German, French, and Dutch.The book was designed to empower individuals to help themselves when it comes to reactions against known and unknown substances. This is a powerful self-help approach that uses the persons body's own energy to rid itself of allergies. It also increases the tolerance to foods and other environmental substances while improving the immune system functioning