Joan Dewe is a Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner who specialises in kinesiology. She has had extensive teaching and administrative experience with the Touch for Health Foundation, as a senior instructor; co-developer of Professional Kinesiology Practice workshops with husband, Bruce Dewe; and as initiator and chair of the New Zealand Touch For Health Annual Meeting. Mrs Dewe also helped develop the New Zealand Touch For Health Association and Kinesiology Practitioners’ Accreditation Board. 

Mrs Dewe co-founded the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice with husband Bruce in 1999. In addition to the groundbreaking syllabus, the college provides much-needed continuing education and international registration of kinesiology practitioners.

Initially trained as a high school teacher, Mrs Dewe worked in a medical research institute where she developed skills that have been invaluable since she began specialising in complementary medicine. She has a Masters degree in languages – majoring in French and Latin, with Greek and English as minors. In the business world, Mrs Dewe has developed a successful motel resort and a GNLD health supplement network marketing business.  

Joan Dewe has a ready wit and an infectious laugh. These qualities, together with her ability to summarise information into clear stepwise presentations make her a popular teacher throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.