K-Conversations organizes muscle response test courses and conferences and uses Knowlative as a technical partner.

Every course is available live and then all videos and documents are available (here inside Knowlative) for playback and study/consultation.

The mission of k-conversations is to allow an easy access to muscle response test courses from every part of the world and to build a strong worldwide community of peers.

Actually, there are 2 different kind of events: conferences and collaborative courses.


The first event organized by K-Conversations was “Stress and the Immune System” conference. This event was organized as a response to the global lock-down caused by CoVID.

This first event was a huge success: 500 participants from 24 countries (all 5 continents). 4 days of conference, 22 hours of live streaming in 5 different languages.

You can access (if you bought the ticket and have a PRO account) all contents here. Or buy access to the playbacks and documents (includes competence certificate if you pass the final exam) from the conference page in the shop.

The 2021 conference will be “Roots and Innovations” (April 13-15, 2021): we are planning an even grander event. See details of the conference here. 

Collaborative Courses

Short courses on a interesting topic held by different international teacher that works together to provide an integrated protocol. We strongly believe that collaboration is the key to the growth of kinesiology/muscle testing world-wide and make this collaboration easy for teachers from different modalities.

The first collaborative course will be: “Gut-Brain Axis” with Ian Stubbings, Chris Astil-Smith, Alexis Costello and Marco Rado. You can find all details of the course here and save your spot here.

You can see all K-Conversations present and past events in the website: www.k-conversations.com

You can purchase tickets for all events and playbacks here.