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The last months have seen us grow, and try to overcome several issues. We are a small team, with big ambitions, and so we want you to know that little by little we are responding to all your needs, by continuously adding new possibilities to the platform, and adding many details that make navigation around the site a lot more fun!

We have been developing videos, photos, diagrams, loads of new contents and of course working on our marketing and communications strategies!

In this issue, we will launch Knowlative in the classroom, present the new contents and finalize the second part of our interview with Dr. Anne Jensen. We also want to take you through a case study using Knowlative, so you can see how amazingly useful this tool is in practice. You see that we focus on learning and growing. We are still planting many seeds, and we look forward to seeing the results!

  1. Knowlative in the classroom 
  2. Interview: Dr. Anne Jensen, HeartSpeak founder – Part 2 
  3. Case Study: Achilles Tendinitis 
  4. The gift of Knowledge
  5. The two souls of Kinesiology 

Knowlative is updating its database every week with new content and possibilities.

So: what is new in Knowlative?

  • VIDEOS! From now on there is the possibility to upload videos on Knowlative. Check out the 50 new Muscle Test videos we’ve inserted!
  • Documents and not only images can be uploaded on every Unit of Knowledge.
  • ACCESS KEYS! Visit www.knowlative.com/access-keys/ and discover how you can give the gift of knowledge this Christmas.
  • The whole history of the Knowlative blog and newsletter.
  • Complete Bone Atlas, with lots of Joints (Joint Atlas) and direct links with Muscles. A whole new way to discover Human Anatomy!
  • And more…
    • Yuan (Source) Points Group
    • 5 Elements Command Points (Ancient Shu Points) Group
    • Luo-Connecting Points Group

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