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In this issue, we talk about Dr. Anne Jensen’s published research on muscle response testing, surrogate muscle testing and we will discuss the plans for future clinical research to assess the accuracy of surrogate muscle testing. In the next issue we want to get into more detail of these studies and respond to your questions and comments.

  1. Complementary Therapies, Scientific Research and Evidence-Based Knowledge 
  2. Interview: Dr. Anne Jensen, HeartSpeak founder – Part 1 
  3. Case Study: Surrogate Testing 

Since our last publication in June, there is plenty of new content to be found in Knowlative! This includes:

  • Muscle Atlas is now complete. In specific: intrinsic spine muscles, deep neck muscles, thorax muscles, abdomen muscles, pharynx, tongue, larynx, pelvic floor muscles. We now have every skeletal muscle!
  • 50 muscle tests updated with new stunning photos.
  • 5 elements command points groups in the Atlas of Acupoints and Meridians.
  • Bach Flowers descriptions.
  • Complete Bone Atlas (117 Bones, every bone of the adult skeleton) and linked every muscle to the origin and insertion bones.
  • Analogue Muscle Testing Technique and Subtle Bodies Technique (by Terry Larder).

We hope you enjoy the reading!