This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 8th of August 2018.

A variety of contents is already in the platform before the Open Editor will give the possibility to every user to became Author. All this Knowledge was published by the Knowlative Team. We decided to share our contents, the ones you can find now in the Database and the ones we will add in the future, under a Creative Commons license ( Creative Commons: cooperation is sharing our content ).
When the Open Editor will be released we will attribute all these contents to the Author “Knowy”. In the next months, every time we will publish a new technique as Knowlative Team we will attribute it all to Knowy. All contents published by Knowy are released under the Creative Commons license attached to this Unit of Knowledge. You will find the license in the Author page of Knowy.
“CC” means that the content is published under a Creative Commons licence, the two following symbols specify the kind of use of the source that is allowed:

  1. BY (Attribution): it means that you must cite Knowlative as a source when using the source document, but not in a way that suggest that Knowlative endorse your use. See our post on Hot to cite Knowlative Contents outside Knowlative in the correct way.
  2. SA (Share Alike): it means that Knowlative let you copy, distribute, display, perform, and modify our work, as long as you distribute any modified work on the same terms. If you want to distribute modified works under other terms, they must get Knowlative permission first.

In other words, if you chose to copy or modify one of the techniques published by Knowy inside Knowlative and include it to your work you are not violating any copyright provided that you redistribute your work under the same Creative Common License. This means that everyone can use it and modify it citing you as a source and redistributing it for free (under the same license).
There is another important aspect that made us to choose this solution: Knowy will earn revenues when the Revenue System will be online. We do not want to earn revenues from our contents and Knowy will donate all his money for charity while spreading Kinesiology even more. The purpose is to create with this money projects to teach Kinesiology where people cannot afford it and to share our Knowledge for free where it is needed the most.
We are sharing also our pictures and images ( Knowlative Pictures and Images ) under a slightly different CC license.
If you would like to publish inside Knowlative under one of the Creative Commons license or to donate your knowledge to the widespread of Kinesiology in the Open Editor you will have soon the opportunity.
To know more read also Creative Commons: cooperation is sharing our content.