At Knowlative we are really excited to be available in the classroom! Our main focus is providing knowledge to muscle response testers (MRT), but we know that our information is also invaluable to any student that requires an in-depth understanding of anatomy – especially skeletal, muscular and joint. Knowlative is a portal, filled with extensive information, and growing steadily in contents and functions to meet the needs of our members.

How can Knowlative be introduced to students?

We now have teachers of muscle response testing who are offering their students specially developed access keys that allow their students free access to the PRO section of our website. They are required to complete a topic-specific questionnaire (adapted to the level of the course) before the course starts, and answers can be found by searching through the Knowlative portal. The contents of Knowlative is being used to support the tutorials being taught and can be easily available to all students.
Why use Knowlative as a key resource?

The benefits of using Knowlative is that you have all the muscles, bones and joints linked with one simple click. There are lots of diagrams, photos, as well as muscle test videos. So any student will actually have access to a very complete source of information. Any teacher will also have a tool to use as a reference, and of course, you can upload your own tutorials that can be made available in a private group, for you to share with only your students.
Why is Knowlative calling teachers and students?

Knowlative seeks collaborators of contents – and where best to look than at students and teachers! We love sharing information, and we want you to do the same. For all authors, there will be a reward as others start to use their content.

Knowlative seeks to generate science-based evidence that will support the MRT profession, and improve it. We know what we do works, so let’s see how we, as a community of teachers and students can contribute to the understanding behind our techniques.

Knowlative seeks to have a political voice – we want to shape nomenclature, and ensure its proper use. We want to support muscle response testing as a complementary therapy. We want those starting in their careers as complementary health practitioners to know that they have a profession that is valued, not demonized (as in some contexts).
So, teachers and students, we want to welcome you with this offer of special access keys (find more details here:, that will allow you to access all the knowledge and information that you need to learn and use on a daily basis. With a couple of clicks, you will be able to find what you need to improve your practice.
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