This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 15th of November, 2017.

While doing this crowdfunding campaign I noticed something interesting. I was trying to convince friends and relatives to participate in the campaign, but there was so much resistance about it. I asked myself why: they trusted me, they were friends, relatives, and after I showed them the idea, they really liked it. Moreover, it is a project that has a big impact on society, in the way we share knowledge and in the way the health sector works as well. But still, they were resistant to participate. When viewing crowdfunding campaigns for charity or for social projects, people do not have any issues supporting the project with their money. What is different?
I found out that deep down the reason why they were resistant is a common belief. It is a belief that is rooted deep inside, maybe only in my own region, maybe in other parts of the world. And it is a belief deriving from the question: why are you creating a company? Well, the common answer I get is: for the money.
This idea is wrong!
Entrepreneurs have a need, an urge coming out from inside that tells them they have to create something; they have to solve an issue or to fulfill a need in the society. Or sometimes they feel the need to achieve something, like an unstoppable force, or it may even be for the technical challenge they face. The vast majority of entrepreneurs I know, they do not yearn for the money.
If we don’t understand that people like us, like many other entrepreneurs, really believe there is something more inside the project, well, innovation is not going to have an opportunity to make an impact. It is with people that believe in an ideal, in a future that is different from the one that you see in the bad news report we constantly have in the media around us, it is with these people that you are going to find life-changing innovation. Innovation that impacts society.
We want a society where health practitioners have access to state of the art techniques, where they know which technique is the best for any of their clients. We want to give knowledge to the people. We want it to be simple and efficient as well.
We want to Change the World of Health through Sharing and Connecting.
We know that you want it too.