This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 8th of August 2018.

Pictures and Images added to the Database by the Knowlative Team under the pseudonym Knowy are published under Creative Commons License, the way we chose to share our contribution to Kinesiology.

The specific licence we chose to use for our pictures is attached. You can find it normally in the bottom left corner of the image.
“CC” means that the content is published under a Creative Commons license, the two following symbols specify the kind of use of the source that is allowed:
BY (Attribution): it means that you must cite Knowlative as a source when using the source document, but not in a way that suggest that Knowlative endorse your use. See our post on Hot to cite Knowlative Contents outside Knowlative in the correct way.
ND (No Derivatives): it means that you must use the Knowlative image as it is and not modify it. You can paste our images wherever you like (books, websites, flyers,…) as long as they are unchanged and in whole. If you want to share and distribute a modified version of the image you must get Knowlative permission first. Contact us at
We want to share Knowledge also outside Knowlative so we decided to share with everyone the resource that is needed in almost every technique and that is more expensive to have: good quality images of meridians, acupressure points, muscles and muscle tests. Use freely our Pictures and Images.
Over time we will continuously improve the quality of our pictures and images so make sure you download the latest version before including it in your work. In the top right corner of the pictures you find the Version in this format: V.MM.YY (month and year of release).
If you want you can include a Creative Commons License in the knowledge you share in the platform and allow knowledge to spread freely outside Knowlative. See more at
To know more about Creative Commons read Creative Commons: cooperation is sharing our content.