This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 15th of October, 2018.

I believe in innovation. I believe that it is necessary for all areas of life. I believe that when we stop innovating when we stop searching for improvements, we start to die little by little. And when I talk about innovation I really mean in all areas of our lives: in the tools and materials we use, but also in thoughts, habits, relationships and much more.

The best way to innovate is to be contaminated by ideas. When you encounter something new, that you haven’t seen, or thought before; something changes inside yourself. If you do not degrade that something as stupid, or worthless or impossible; then you offer your mind a new possibility, a small new door leading to new ideas. At that moment you have been contaminated and your mind is going to create new patterns (even if you are resistant to it). New patterns bring new ideas and new ideas bring innovation.

Therefore, I wonder why in kinesiology we often are closed off to new ideas. We believe that our system is the best one, without ever challenging it, without ever confronting and collaborating with other systems. We marry one train of thought and we never question it, considering things that look different as stupid, or worthless or impossible. And I am not talking about systems outside kinesiology: I am even talking about other kinesiology branches and techniques. It is unbelievable!

I have seen this kind of attitude so many times that I did not believe it was possible to change it. But I have an idea, a vision you might say… I would like for people to talk freely about their techniques, about their methods and models. I would like to have a place where I meet with my peers in order to discuss what is best for my clients and where I can find solutions. I dream that in that place we are going to tear our walls down and be receptive to the approach of other professionals.

Since there was no such a place, I created it. It is called Knowlative and you can already find a lot of useful material for your practice. And you can share what you know, what you created, with colleagues and students, without limitations. Little by little, we are going to populate the system with the knowledge you might have not heard of and that is the point when contamination is going to occur.

Contamination brings awareness to new patterns, helps new patterns become new ideas and new ideas lead to innovation. I want innovation and I know where I can find it: Knowlative is the answer!