This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 24th of September, 2018.

When I think about kinesiology, I often see the revolution that this new method can bring to medicine. I see the huge potential, the ability to change the way we look at illnesses and wellbeing and I really think it can change a lot of lives.
I see new ideas born every day, and I see them grow and spread and take roots into new sectors of lives. I see the precision and the quality of the work of kinesiology practitioners, collaborating with all the different areas of our medicine. And I see the energy of this movement grow again, with the power of collaboration and with the power of new and bigger ideas.
But then I get back to reality, and what I notice is something completely different: schools that fight one with each other, “new” techniques that are just a copy of another technique with a different name; competition in all aspects of this practice. There is little exchange, little collaboration. And it is highly frustrating.
Frustration led me to research more into the kinesiology world: and I can bring you good news. There are people working hard to spread the word, to increase the impact of kinesiology in their society. And these people work in many countries of the world: from North America to South Africa, from Europe to Russia, to Australia, there are a lot of practitioners that share the same goal…
To see kinesiology grow and become mainstream.
To get there we need a community. We need people to know what is happening around the world and to be able to learn from it. We need to achieve critical mass and to really bring the revolution in our lives.
This community exists. It is called Knowlative. And it is waiting for you… so that we can change the world together.