Julie Bowman has used these since 1985 with profound results. Julie Bowman is an Advanced Practitioner in the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (www.bfvea.com)
Bach are the most well-known essences. These gentle but effective essences are made from plant energy and treat a whole range of emotions. They help to aid the energies in the body and bring it into balance. There are no known side effects. 
Why use them:

  • For reduction of stress, tension, anxiety, panic;
  • To help emotional stability;
  • To help break repeated patterns of behaviour;
  • Personality types which affect physical well being;
  • For physical conditions.

What are the benefits of using them?

  • No side effects;
  • Can be taken alongside any medication;
  • Simple to use.

The Lotus Holistic Essences are divided in 3 main groups:

  • Lotus Holistic Flower Essences;
  • Lotus Holistic Gem Essences;
  • Lotus Holistic Sea Essences;
  • Lotus Holistic Essences made in the Field of Ikeston.

 And a group of combinations/mixes of essences: Lotus Holistic Essence Combinations/Mixes.