Lotus Holistic

Jun 10, 2022 | Reference

Where and how did Lotus Holistic Essences evolve? Like many who come to use essences, my first encounter was with Rescue Remedy in 1984. Gradually I started to use other Bach essences and knew what a valuable tool they were. The effect was that they seemed to balance and calm my emotions.
Coming from a medical background I would think about the side effects of medicines. What I liked about essences that there were no side effects.
By the time I started to train as a reflexologist in 1993, I was well into using the essences, and started to dowse for clients. I was surprised that what came up was always relevant. Gradually this part of my life evolved. The second set I came across were the Spirit in Nature (formally Master Essences). I found these to be amazing – the simplicity really appealed to me, and they remain one of my favourite sets today.
More info here: www.lotusholistic.com

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