According to acupuncture theory, the points, fifteen in all, are places where the body vital energy can be manipulated to great effect.

The “Luoxue”, meaning to connect, is a point where a collateral starts to connect a definite pair of Yin and Yang meridians which are externally-internally related. The 12 regular meridians, externally-internally related in pairs, are linked together by the Luo (connecting) points in order. This establishes a continuous system for the circulation of Qi and Xue (blood) through the 12 regular meridians, as to warm and nourish the entire body.
Clinically, Luo (connecting) points are often combined with Yuan (source) points in the treatment of diseases. Observations of the collaterals can sometimes be used as a diagnostic aid.

They are:

  • 1 point for each Main Meridian (12 points): each of them connects a definite pair of Yin and Yang meridians.
  • CV 15 (Turtledove Tail): Luo point for CV (Conception Vessel – Ren Mai), connects with the abdomen.
  • GV 01 (Long Strong): Luo point for GV (Governing Vessel – Du Mai), connects with the head.
  • Great Luo connection point: SP 21 (Great Wrapping), The SP (Spleen Channel – Zu Tai Yin) meridian has two different Luos because the four extremities all acquire vital energy from the Stomach. As this can not be obtained directly, the help of the Spleen is required. The Spleen helps the Stomach to transport fluids to the five zang organs and the four extremities through its major collateral which governs both Yin and Yang collaterals of the body.