Michelle has a BA Psych, MSc CAM and is a Doctoral Candidate at Akamai University in Hilo, Hawaii, in Integrative Health. A specialist in using the power of movement to balance the body for health and wellness, she has integrated her knowledge which includes being a Dancer and Choreographer for all ages, Tai Chi enthusiast and Instructor, Touch for Health Facilitator and Instructor, and a Recognized Practician for Therapeutic Touch. She is a creator of several wellness programs including Qi YINtegration, Feet First System and the KEY to Health with Energy Medicine. Michelle’s latest book – My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1 has received a Bronze Medal for the Living Now Book awards in 2018.With the current Covid-19 pandemic, she has been sharing wellness tools online in live broadcasts and zoom meetings. You can find her full video selections in her playlists on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPG1vTQ71ZSEuM2GgmgaDw. She has her recordings of Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series, her daily live facebook broadcasts, as well as her presentations and Dance YINtegration. You can find her shop at www.dancedebut.com for books, music, tea and videos. Her resource/article section has many useful tips and tools that she has shared at conferences and in classes. Continuing to teach online she has an extensive menu of opportunities to learn more about wellness and how movement plays an important role in all the healing modalities that we practice. The Qi YINtegration program takes movement down to basic skill components and introduces the idea of micro-movements to participants for such concepts as 40% effort for those with injury and 70% for those who have regular ability, the empowerment of spine rotation, breathing, and how to properly go up and down the stairs to name a few. This program begins at the basics of movement and expands through several sets of integrated material to create an all encompassing program exploring the ideas of movement and the power of choosing movement patterns through muscle monitoring to shift the energy patterns holding balance and wellness back.Michelle’s Master’s thesis involved the reflections of her students on wellness after learning and using the Qi YINtegration approach. The use of muscle monitoring was significant in their ability to choose patterns and to feel engaged in their self-care. Of greatest interest was that the participants identified the ability to be a part of a group as being a strong impact on their wellness and the ability to continue to use the skills that they had developed.Dance Debut Inc has celebrated over 3 decades of dance skill sharing and learning for children from walking age through to adults into their grand-parenthood. Over the last two decades Michelle has continue to add more components of Touch for Health and Therapeutic Touch to her teaching methods. Her current students from 2 years and up have learnt the muscle dance and the meridian dance, as well as the Feet First System. Her students from 6 years and older are able to use the body pendulum or an indicator muscle to identify colors and sounds to help balance the body for specific goals while dancing. Her wishing jar dance allowed her the opportunity to explore goal setting and intention, as well as provide a series of movements that explored the Ko and Shen cycle development for energy building. Known as the “forever dance,” the dancers are able to easily utilize this dance when they need assistance with how they are feeling. Color choices have been combined with mandalas and intentions to produce a whole system for self-esteem building and providing additional support for expression, performance and creativity – these can be found under Resources/Articles at www.dancedebut.com.”Stacey on the Keyboard” Children’s storybook and CD, have been a solid part of Michelle’s creative teaching platform. With 4 special manuals to help teacher’s reach special skills within their students, Michelle has had the wellness and integrity of movement at the forefront of all of her programs. With Covid-19 you can find live broadcasts of special storytime for children at Dance Debut’s facebook as well as on the website blog www.dancedebut.com and Youtube.. Michelle has 3 Children’s books including one for the Muscle Dance. Time of Day Clock: can be ordered from www.redbubble.com/people/grnz, and has the infused 5 Element paintings (she commissioned from energy artists Emily Benjamin and MacKenzie Greenwell) coloring the 24 hour clock. Also available: Foot Mat of 5 Element Wheel which is great for balancing the systems by stepping on each color in a Ko or Shen pattern. This can be done as an individual or as a group. She also has a Step on It Mat that can be used for goal setting and intention shifting. Interest in this can go directly to Michelle. The 5 Element Tea Blends created with Natascha Polomski has 10 Blends that can by muscle monitored for a single blend to sip at, or for a empowering pattern of blends to enhance the Ko or Shen cycles. Known as Intend2RaeD8 you can find them on Facebook, or you can order them from www.dancedebut.com, including the book to explain the whole protocol. They have three levels of intention infused within the teas. These are a fun way to explore the 5 Element Theory, Intention, Goal Setting, and BioEnergetic Nutrition with students. Michelle is currently the President of the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness, Canada’s professional organization representing those disciplines that use BioEnergetic Feedback through muscle monitoring or hands on/off assessment of the biofield. Their leadership team has been instrumental in transforming the way professional development can be enhanced through an organization like canbewell.org. .A regular contributor to KinesioGeek Magazine, Michelle has been writing and sharing her knowledge of Energy Medicine topics for several years.