Publishing Content on the Knowlative App: “Modifiable” vs “Non-modifiable”

Welcome to the Knowlative community! As a platform that thrives on collaboration and shared knowledge, we encourage every PRO user to contribute to the growing repository of content. Whether you’re a seasoned kinesiology practitioner or a burgeoning enthusiast, your insights and expertise are invaluable to us and our worldwide community.

When publishing, you’ll have the choice to label your content as either “Modifiable” or “Non-modifiable.” Here’s how to decide:

  • Modifiable: This option allows other PRO users to suggest updates to your content. You will always be credited as the Author, with any users who contribute updates listed as Contributors. We **prefer** and encourage you to choose this option to foster a dynamic and evolving knowledge base.
  • Non-modifiable: Select this option if your content is a technique or idea that is 100% your original creation. This setting restricts the ability to suggest updates to you, the Author, alone.


Guidelines for Choosing

Foster Collaboration: We advocate for choosing the modifiable option whenever possible. This approach enhances the collective knowledge and allows for continuous improvement and accuracy of the information shared.

Original Works: Reserve the non-modifiable option for content that is entirely your innovation or unique technique. This ensures that your original ideas are preserved while still contributing to the wealth of knowledge available.

Personal Versions of Existing Content: If you are publishing your take on an existing technique or concept, please opt for modifiable content. You’ll be recognized as the author, but this choice opens the door for further enhancements and collective growth.


The Spirit of Collaboration

The strength of the Knowlative platform lies in our community’s willingness to share, learn, and grow together. By contributing content, you are not only enhancing your profile but also enriching the kinesiology practice worldwide. Our collaborative content model ensures that your contributions are respected, your authorship is credited, and the collective knowledge of our community continually evolves.


Complete guidelines

You can read the complete Author’s Agreement and the giudelines here.

We thank you for your contributions and for adhering to these guidelines, which are designed to maintain a rich, accurate, and dynamic content library. Together, we can ensure that the Knowlative app remains the premier resource for kinesiology practitioners and enthusiasts around the globe.

For any further assistance or inquiries about publishing content, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. Let’s continue to make the world of muscle testing a boundless frontier of knowledge and collaboration.