If you are familiar with the concepts expressed in Key Energy Kinesiology Concepts (readme first), Muscle Response Test 1: How a muscle can be and Muscle Response Test 2: Different ways of testing, you can explore a little further and learn some of the features of this science: All structures involved in generating the response to a test are called a Circuit. When testing you can touch a part of the body involved in the circuit – this is called:

  • Circuit Localization (CL)
  • Therapy Localization/Location (TL)
  • Challenge

If you want to store the information you gathered touching a Reflex or a structure of the body (muscle, acupuncture point,…) you can use the Pause-Lock technique and, using concurred pause-locks you can stack all the pieces of information (Stacking or Stack).

Another tip you can use to access more information from the body with Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is by differentiating, when touching the body, the information you are accessing between Deep Touch, Medium Touch or Light Touch which can change the meaning of the muscle test.

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