We have decided to use the term Muscle Response Testing to identify the typical action of evaluating the Muscle’s integrity performed in Kinesiology, trying to uniform the many different terminologies used in the vast field of Kinesiology (Muscle Test, Muscle Monitoring, Manual Muscle Testing, Precision Muscle Test, Kinesiology Muscle Test, etc.). 
Muscle Response Testing has been proposed by Anne Jensen, PhD, in her latest and most prestigious scientific paper about her research, conducted at Oxfords University in 2016, on the reliability of muscle testing. 
Muscle Response Testing is the art of investigation used to examine a muscle for various levels of information. We do not investigate only the neuromuscular integrity, but also and especially, the Muscle-Organ-Meridian integrity.
In Energetic Kinesiology, the Muscle Response Testing is used as an indication of energy flow and balance (Touch For Health’s definition), and it can be performed by anybody.  In Applied Kinesiology, the Muscle Response Testing is used to augment standard diagnosis to be used by practitioners licensed to be pri­mary health care providers.