Pectineal line on superior branch of pubis


From lesser trochanter to linea aspera of femur


Flexes thigh, assists in adduction when hip is flexed


Femoral nerve (L2, L3), sometimes a branch of obturator nerve


The rotational component of thigh muscle action depends on the starting position of the hip joint:

  • The pectineus, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, and [[psoasmajor] probably assist in medial rotation when the thigh is in anatomical position but may shift to assisting in lateral rotation as the thigh flexes and abducts.
  • The Iliacus and adductor tubercle part of Adductor Magnus probably assist in medial rotation throughout the range of motion of the hip joint
  • The linea aspera part of the Adductor Magnus may be a slight lateral rotator.