This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 13th of August 2018.

The scientific committee receives your drafts submitted for publishing and applies some simple rules. Please read them carefully to be able to publish your knowledge easily and quickly.

Publishers actions

The Publishers will:

  • Control carefully:
    • The correct use of Vocabulary;
    • That the content is complete;
    • The presence of internal links and usability;
    • The coherence of the contents with Knowlative aims (if it is not Kinesiology or Integrative Medicine it will not be published);
    • That the graphical quality of images is “readable”;
    • If it is an update of existing content: that you really added something new.
  • Not consider at all:
    • The overall technical quality of any content or image uploaded;
    • If the contents are in violation of Copyright (we will give some advice if we are aware of a possible problem but this is not mandatory, we cannot know all sources and could also not be aware of the problem, respecting copyright law is a responsibility of the user). Read our posts on Copyright to know more ( Part 1: What is really “Copyright” anyway? ).

If your content is complete, uses the correct vocabulary (according to the definitions online in Knowlative database) and links the related units of knowledge, it will be published.
You will receive feedback of the publication process via email (the one shown in the personal data tab) and see the name of the unit of Knowledge in the “Published Knowledge” list of “My Knowledge” tab.
If you notice that one of the contents could be violating Copyright, please inform us immediately (
At the moment Publishers are members of Knowlative team. The publishing process is not a real-time task. We need to read carefully what you wrote, check links, see if some reference is missing. We will answer as fast as we can but the process can take some days.

Modifying existing content

To avoid the creation of different versions of the same unit of knowledge, when you ask to modify an existing knowledge (creating a draft) the system locks that knowledge. No one can edit that unit in the next 72 hours.
To allow everyone to contribute, every user can “lock” only one Unit of Knowledge at a time.
After 72 hour, the Database content will be modifiable by another user and your draft will be kept but will not be directly submittable for publishing any more (you need to restart the process).

How can I become a Contributor?

  • If you modify misspelled words or the grammar of a sentence you will not become contributor. We thank you for your help but a Contributor add some new concepts/contents.
  • If you add consistent links and usability to an existing content you will be listed as contributor;
  • If you add new contents to add existing UoK you will be listed as contributor.
  • If you create new contents you will be the first contributor of that knowledge.