Robert Frost has three separate Batchelor of Science degrees in Psychology, Biology and Physics from the University of California at Santa Cruz, 1968-1974

Studied traditional kinesiology (biomechanics) as applied to dance with Andres Bernard (New York University)

Studied in London 1976-1980 with Patrick Macdonald to become an Alexander Technique Teacher (Postural and movement trainer)

Certified Practioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (250 hours in London with Bandler, Dilts, et al, 1987)

Doctorate in Psychology with studies in Applied Kinesiology. Dual dissertations on Neurological Disorganization, and upon The Effect of Gemstones Upon Human Neurological Function, City University – Los Angeles, 1991

Extensive training in both popular kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology in USA, England, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Worked eight years in a medical clinic in Basel, Switzerland where all patients who did not respond adequately to standard medical treatment were sent to him for physiological and psychological therapies. Dr. Frost was able to significantly help over half of these “impossible” cases. Became expert at reducing or eliminating back pain.

Author of Applied Kinesiology – A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices. Published in German as Grundlagen der Applied Kinesiology in 1998. Used as a textbook in many US Chiropractic Colleges. Published in Japanese, Korean and Czechoslovakian.

Training manuals for alternate therapeutic techniques (Alexander Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Neurolinguistic Programming, vocal healing, energy balancing with gemstones and woods, finding the optimal remedy, etc.)

Created techniques and courses to integrate psychology with Applied Kinesiology for the ICAK-D (International College of Applied Kinesiology – German branch). Contributed articles to various AK journals and websites.