This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog, the 12th of July 2018.

We would like to offer you…

Much of the work that has happened in the past 2 months has been ‘behind the scenes’, so we wanted to take a moment to fill you in and also to let you know about a special offer!
A few things that the Knowlative team wants to share with you:

  • The Editor part of the app has been delayed for a variety of reasons. We had been hoping that you would be able to input your own information by this time.We are all working hard and the next part of the program will be available really soon! To thank you for your patience, we are: Offering everyone a free month*!.
  • We have created very high standards for ourselves and this product. We are not prepared to release the Editor until we know it is done right and is easy to use. We would rather spend a little more time on it now than try to fix it later.
  • The laws about privacy in Europe have changed which has required a lot of time and research to ensure we are compliant with the new laws and are protecting the privacy of Knowlative users. We want you to feel completely confident that your data is secure!
  • We have worked hard to understand and apply copyright law. We want our users to be comfortable with the new “Units of Knowledge content editor” and to know what they can do legally and what is not allowed or unethical. There will be a series of blog posts appearing on the static Knowlative website over the course of the next few weeks detailing these rues and how to work within them, so that we can move forward together in the best interests of all.

New content is appearing on Knowlative regularly, so check in if you are curious to learn more about acupressure points, muscle tests, formats, energetic frequencies and techniques!
* The user must have an active subscription to take advantage of this offer. If the user is on the trial period, he is going to get another full month free. An automatic email will be sent at subscription deadline confirming the discount for the 30 days period.

Thanks for reading!