(articulatio talocalcanea; articulation of the calcaneus and astragalus; calcaneo-astragaloid articulation). The articulations between the calcaneus and talus are two: anterior and posterior. Of these:

  • the anterior forms part of the talocalcaneonavicular joint, and will be described with that articulation.
  • The posterior or talocalcaneal articulation is formed between the posterior calcaneal facet on the inferior surface of the talus, and the posterior facet on the superior surface of the calcaneus.

It is an arthrodial joint, and the two bones are connected by an articular capsule and by anterior, posterior, lateral, medial, and interosseous talocalcaneal ligaments.


The movements permitted between the talus and calcaneus are limited to gliding of the one bone on the other backward and forward and from side to side.