Every year we struggle to find that perfect gift.  We want something ecological, ethical and original. There are some great alternatives out there, and this year we want to launch our ´Gift of Knowledge´ full PRO access key that meets all those criteria and more! This key gives access to a world of knowledge focussed for the muscle response testing community, but also immensely useful for those requiring knowledge on bones, muscles, and joints, with interests on muscle testing, who want to have clear instructions with photos and video explanations.

This gift of knowledge is a fabulous way to ensure that your receiver can grow. They can become their better selves, feel supported in their studies, or in their established career path. We also offer PRO members the chance to author within the portal and gain financial rewards in time. Knowlative is growing, and we want as many people as possible to grow with us, and shape our growth.

Can you think of a healthier, more inspirational or amazing gift to give?
Choose to give the Gift of Knowledge.

For more information: info@knowlative.com