Therapy locating is a technique used to identify the most appropriate correction procedure to use. There are particular points connected with each of the different correction procedures for each of the meridians. Once a muscle is found that unlocks, the kinesiologist touches each of the points in turn while testing the same muscle. When the previously unlocked muscle locks that indicates the points or technique that should be used for the correcting process. Many kinesiologists use other methods of establishing what technique to use either as well or instead of therapy locating.
When the Client touches a given point on the body and this action causes a Muscle Change. If the Kinesiologist touches the point, no indicator change occurs. 
This procedure is different than:

  •  Circuit Localization (CL), where Muscle Change can be caused by either the Kinesiologist or the Client,
  • or Challenge where only the Kinesiologist will cause the Muscle Change.