Touch for Health is one of the first and more known Energy Kinesiology modalities (see Modality – School – Branch).

To help students that are learning it and instructors that want to use our Knowledge to teach it in class, this Group gathers all we have in Knowlative that could be helpful so you can immediately find what you need without even using the search bar.

Remember that all Pictures in Unit of Knowledge published by Knowy (all meridians, acupoints, muscle tests, muscles and some other picture) are under a Creative Commons 4.0 CC BY ND (you find the name of the author of a piece of knowledge under the title in the top right corner). This means you can use them to teach, show them in public or even use them for your own manuals outside Knowlative, it is sufficient that you cite Knowlative as source.
Note that this group is not intended to replace the Touch for Health books or manuals and is not an alternative to TFH courses.