This group is not intended in any way to replace taking Touch for Health classes with a trained Instructor, rather it compiles techniques and reference material that would be useful for a Level Two student looking to practice and gain confidence and knowledge after class.

Complete Level Two syllabus:

Touch for Health Level 2 (15 hours)

  • Review of TFH 1
  • Pre-tests and Corrections using Circuit Locating
  • Golgi / Spindle Proprioceptors
  • Acupressure Holding Points, Yin and Yang
  • Balancing using Wheel
  • Alarm Points – Over Energy
  • Law of Five Element Theory
  • ESR for Future Performance
  • Meridian Massage
  • Cross Crawl for Integration
  • Cerebro-Spinal Technique
  • Food Testing
  • Neurolymphatic Release