Some kinesiology systems, such as health kinesiology, make extensive use of verbal muscle testing. The response of a correctly positioned muscle to light pressure can be either to lock or unlock. The kinesiologist uses this to ask verbal questions: the locked response of the muscle indicates “yes” and the unlocked or spongy response indicates “no”. The practitioner will then use systematic questioning with the muscle testing to establish what technique or techniques are needed from the many possible procedures that the practitioner learnt during training. The practitioner can also use verbal questioning in conjunction with muscle testing to establish an exercise or a diet and supplement programme for the client. Because of the ability to access information through muscle testing, this programme will be tailored specifically for the individual concerned. Some kinesiologists prefer to use statements rather than questions, so might say “That is correct” rather than “Is that correct?”
Some kinesiologists do not use verbal questioning at all or only in a limited way. Instead they rely on accessing information by testing a muscle whilst touching specific points on the body or using a finger mode and/or formatting.