This article has been published in Knowlative Blog on the 24th of July, 2016.

If you want to realize any project, you do not have only to dream, to plan, to create your idea, but before anything else, you have to become that idea. A project, creation is not only something that has been originated from you, but it is you, it is that deep part of yourself that you were able to put to life. This is why the well being of every single contribution of Knowlative is so important to us.

Daniel Hudson Burnham said: “Do not create small projects; they do not have the magic to warm people’s hearts and probably they are not going to be realized. Create big projects! Aim high in hope and work, remembering that, once it has been realized, a noble and logic project is never going to die, but it is going to be alive long after we are gone, asserting itself over and over again.

Knowlative aims high since its beginning, promoting a system that is going to increase Cooperation as a value on every aspect of the health system. But there are also other values that we would like to share, we would like to bring forward in our system and also in the world around us. We goal Sustainability, Ecology, Continuous Improvement, Well-Being at every level of the system and a better way of working. Above all, our most ambitious goal is to overcome the dualism that exists in our health system at the present day between traditional and integrative medicine, to bring new perspectives to the way we look at health and at life. 
But before being able to show them to the world, we need to become those values in our working and personal life. That is why we created a win-win solution for every contributor, both internal and external, to the platform, that is why every strategic choice is taken following the values at the core of our web application.

In our working life, we decided to employ the best available techniques of coaching and well-being improvement since the very beginning of Knowlative. With both group working and with personalized coaching, we directly adopted the Continuous Improvement principles we believe in. Moreover, we are caring for the well being of every person that is involved in the project, implementing techniques coming both from traditional medicine and complementary medicine, already going beyond the actual dualism between the two. 

And in our personal life? We are born in a society that values competition as an important part of life. Competition has been something we have in our education and that we continuously see around us. While sometimes we still struggle to change our education in favor of cooperation, health, and ecology, we strongly believe Knowlative is a big part of our evolution toward a new life system we strongly believe in. 
Knowlative is one of the deepest parts of ourselves becoming reality. We are Knowlative.