This article has been published in the Knowlative Blog on the 1st of August, 2016.

The world is full of different “healing” techniques and it is full of different approaches to human health, but that is not enough. Are you feeling the need for improvement, for change? Where are we heading for? In Knowlative we are searching to improve ourselves through community and cooperation. Read more to know all about us.
Like myself, all therapists and doctors are constantly searching for something more effective to help our patients, something more useful, something more true,… What are we seeking for? In Knowlative everyone of us is searching to progress in our life, to improve ourselves, to fulfill what is our personal responsibility toward our bigger Self. We chose our profession to help others and, along the way, we discovered that the only way we have to do so is to improve ourselves, our knowledge, our wisdom.
This process is time-consuming and must be balanced with the time we spend working with people and, obviously, with time for our families. As you know this balancing is not always easy. For this reason, here in Knowlative, we consider optimizing the time for accessing data during our workflow a key feature.
Here in Knowlative we put all these needs into a set of professional tools. Using this tools while we are working with people, we can grow faster in our knowledge, we can share our experience worldwide and receive back the experience of every other kinesiology practitioner of the community.
We built the web application to help every therapist to use his/her procedures faster, to maintain them constantly updated and to share his/her intuitions with all the community. Using Knowlative we are able to work faster, keep our patient history data safe and usable, access our procedures easily during the examination. Knowlative does all the annoying stuff, so we can finally use the time we spend with people to fully communicate, we can breathe deeply and calmly and enjoy our wonderful job.
And, furthermore, we become part of a worldwide community of kinesiology practitioners sharing new ideas, upgrades, and courses. We can access a full range of free “classical” techniques and a lot of new material updated daily. We can access easily to new courses, to extensive technical description and, soon, also subscribe to webinars by renowned teachers.