To test a muscle that is not directly testable and cannot be accessible to TL, the technique of Surrogate Muscle Testing can be used.

The principle of this technique is “asking” to an easy to test muscle to act as a surrogate for another “difficult” muscle (for example the Extrinsic Eye Muscles).

Since surrogate testing introduces in the system we are testing more complexity, this technique should be used only with muscles we cannot test in another way.


 – Define the muscle you want to use as a substitute: test an Indicator Muscle asking the body if you can use that surrogate for the muscle you need to test (e.g.: “Can I use the muscle X to test the muscle Y?”) and, if you receive a positive answer, state your intention (e.g.: “I now will test muscle Y to obtain information from muscle X”) (intention seems to be the principal factor contributing to the success of every surrogate testing technique).

– Test the surrogate to have informations on the “subject” of your testing.

– When you do not need the surrogate any more, “state” that it can return to show only its own results (e.g.: “Now muscle Y will return to show only its state”).